Super cool collection by... yes, IKEA

Long gone are the days that we would just go to IKEA for the cheapest and plainest flat packed furniture when we desperately needed storage space and couldn't afford to get anything else. Seriously, there is so much more we can get at IKEA these days.

I live only ten minutes away from IKEA in Milton Keynes, and I have to say it suits me perfectly. Mr Room Alive has Ikeaphobia though (the long hours spent buying and putting together massive wardrobes when we first bought our house have traumatised him for life, is this a things amongst husbands?) so lately I've been taking little one with me. *Tip: I visit the children's section before anything else so we can pick up a few distractions for the rest of the visit. Ah and of course I pack lots of snacks!

Last week when I visited I was impressed with their new textiles, I'm one to get bored of my cushions every now and then, so I sew new cushion covers, I got some great ideas whilst I was there.

There was also something else really cool... the SVÄRTAN collection. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out! It is a beautiful black, white and grey collection inspired by urban landscapes which includes textiles, stationary, glassware, ceramics and some furniture pieces... there's something in it to make you fall in love.

IKEA Svartan Collection
IKEA Svartan Collection

SVÄRTAN – a collection which is the result of collaboration with Swedish textile designer Martin Bergström and Indian fashion students. Using only black, white and shades of grey, SVÄRTAN invites us to explore a side of India that goes beyond the vivid colours usually associated with this striking country. 

IKEA Svartan Collection
"My idea was to create a modern interpretation of India and its heritage, a country with designs that are perceived in the West as colourful, golden and shiny," says Martin Bergström.

If you read the blog often you'll that I am not one for all dark interiors, even though this would beautiful in a deep colour scheme too! I can see this collection looking great against my blush signature look or complementing white and grey interiors with pops of pastel colour. I am definitely going to be getting some of SVARTAN before they run out! What's your favourite piece from this collection?