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It's been a year of cactus, monstera leaves and pineapples. We want nature around us and as a result we are filling our homes with greenery and elements that reminds us about being in a tropical island. And in finding a way of balancing the busy digital life we live, we are also in turn bringing some colour and life into our homes.

I've been a fan of plants for a long time before this trendy fever, real or faux. I love Abigail Ahern and Mia Fleur for that, and I recently found that my local Frosts Garden Centre has a pretty good range too. 

Plants- Check!  

Pink- Check!  

As a big fan of both, I am huge supporter of the wave that is taking over Instagram: #PLANTSONPINK 

One of the best combos out there at the moment! Take a moment to browse the hashtag and check for yourself. I have and I've rounded up my favourites here... 

Mia Fleur   

Have you got the #plantsonpink vibe?