Don't be Art-shy, Follow your style!

I'm a huge lover of art. I can visualise art prints in each and every one of my walls, and at times I have to stop myself at one statement piece (or a few if we are talking about my picture shelf!). I just don't like looking at bare walls, and it fascinates me when they tell a story.

I am not talking about expensive art. I am actually talking about canvases, prints, pictures, even DIY art. Anything goes, because there isn't a one size fits all formula when it comes to using art to decorate your home. On the other hand, there is so much variety out there that finding the right piece for you and your home can be daunting.

It is totally fine that your home (like you) is always evolving, and your everyday experiences are shaping up the personality of your home.  You may like something in your living room today, but in a year's time prefer to have it in your hallway. It's fine.

I'd love to say there are no rules around selecting art, however there is one thing that I suggest you follow. Consider this your starting point for every art piece your purchase from now on.

Know your interiors style and consider it before purchasing art for your home. Art will complement your style and complete your scheme.

With that in mind, to show how easy it is to incorporate art at home, I have chosen four art prints and put together four mood boards based around them, in four different styles!


The whiteness and simplistic lines of the Scandi style are enriched by the textures used. ALL IS PRETTY is the perfect piece to complement this style, black & white straight lines and nothing else is enough to make a statement.

'All is Pretty' Andy Warhol print by King & Mcgaw. Shelves, chair, rug and pendant light by Amara. Table by Loaf.


The industrial style is formed by using raw materials and (lack of) finishes - think an exposed brick wall - and then adding textures and details to warm them up. The LONDON UNDERGROUND art print chosen for this scheme is fun and adds the right amount of colour to give this space a lived-in feel.

'London Underground' Nick Cranston art print by King & Mcgaw. Coffee table by Loaf. Candle holder, table lamp, baskets, chair and rug by Amara.


If your style is vintage then you will like anything retro and edgy, unique and bold. The VOGUE JUNE 1947 print brings in so much black & white attitude that you can't help but fall in love with it (and to think it is an actual photograph from the publication back in 1947 makes it even more statement-y). A soft colour palette works perfectly with the bold details in this scheme.

'Vogue June 1947' Clifford Coffin by  King & Mcgaw . Sofa by  Loaf . Table lamp, cushion and mirror by  The French Bedroom Company . Flower arrangement and candles by  Mia Fleur .

'Vogue June 1947' Clifford Coffin by King & Mcgaw. Sofa by Loaf. Table lamp, cushion and mirror by The French Bedroom Company. Flower arrangement and candles by Mia Fleur.

4. Eclectic

This style is very much about your personality and how you can place the items you like together, making them complement each other. I went for a warm gold scheme with pattern, and RORSCHACH, 1984 is the perfect art print for it!  So rich and inviting, but the best thing about eclectic is that you can shape it to whatever you want it to be - or whatever art piece your heart tells you!

'Rorschach, 1984' Andy Warhol by King & Mcgaw. Pendant by The French Bedroom Company. Cushion, chair, side table and rug by Amara. Candle holder by Mia Fleur.


Wasn't it fun and easy? Four styles, four different art prints... Which one is your style?


*This is a sponsored post, I only share with you products that I would have in my own home. Thank you King & McGaw for supporting this blog.