Unframe It! 6 alternatives to picture frames

We have talked a lot here about how wall art and prints are so important when you are making your house a home. Prints in particular have become so trendy, and no surprise there, as they allow you to bring your personality to your home in a way that nothing else would. I mean, how could you say things better then having them hung on your wall? Or remind yourself to "Be Awesome" in any better way each day? 

I'm always seeking creative ways to fill your home with personality. More than just choosing your prints and which pictures to display to bring your rooms to life and make them individual, you should also consider different ways to display them. 

In my hunt for the most original ways to do that, here's some of the best I found...  

Clipboard genius! Having them in different sizes and with a touch of copper will make your prints stand out.

These hinged mirrors by Urban Outfitters allow to display your pictures in an unusual way and look stunning.

How about forgetting the frames altogether? Use decorative washi tape to place your prints on the wall! You can find a selection of different patterns on Amazon.

A very cool way to display your prints, use this magazine rack to place them in, and you can also swap them around and change them when you feel like it! I badly want this in my office!

Moving away from the conventional frames, this magnetic frames bring a touch of scandi and casual to your prints. I loved it so I much had to order two!

A steel mesh board is a great alternative to a cork board, looks super modern and sleek and is so easy to create. Use your stationary to attach photos and prints to it and you'll have a super interesting display that would fit any room in your home.

Do you display your pictures and prints in any other way? Leave a comment below and let me know how!