A guide to Mother's Day Shopping

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life doesn't come with a manual: it comes with a mother

The time is nearly here, to pamper the special women in your life and if you're a mum to be pampered too.

Being a mum  is the hardest 'job' I've ever had, but also by far the most rewarding. You don't mind if you have to 'work' overtime because your little ones are ill or unsettled, because seeing a smile on their faces and them wanting a cuddle and feeling protected when you are around is worth so many sleepless nights.

I've only been doing it for just over two years, and still have much more to experience. Our second daughter arrives next month and that will take this whole MUM business to another level! Talk about living in a pink world... 

With all mums out there in mind, I've put together a shopping guide which should make your life easier whether it's for shopping or adding to your wish list, so feel free to forward it to the Dads out there too to make their shopping really easy ;) 

For the new mum

For the blush-loving mum

La Rose Mur Print £20

La Rose Mur Print £20

For the plant-loving mum 

For the mum always on-the-go

Candle in Glass Jar £17, available in Cotton House and Guava & Fig

Candle in Glass Jar £17, available in Cotton House and Guava & Fig

All that's left to do now is sitting back, relaxing and choosing your favourites! 

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