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How to do your DIY Star Advent Calendar

It is that time of the year... ADVENT CALENDAR time! Only if every month of the year we could wake up every day to a treat or something to remind us to seize the day (maybe there's an idea...?) but that's one of the things that makes this season in the UK so special.

The awesome Little Crafty Bugs Company sent me the star advent calendar box set, and a few supplies to get me started. Check out how you can make your own unique Star Advent Calendar right here... 

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Throw a kids Halloween Party with #spooktacularcrafts

October is an exciting month! All that anticipation for Halloween: pumpkins out decorating family homes, costume shopping, the endless amounts of sweets we buy to make sure we don't run out when kids come out trick-or-treating (only to find that there are still two weeks left till Halloween and they're almost gone, and off we go to buy more sweets...)

I've put together all you need to prepare a toddler party with quick and easy crafts and some yummy recipes!  

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A trendy DYI accessory in 3 minutes!

After spending quite a bit on new flooring and building works, I had to be creative with the accessories I already had at home to decorate my living room. I had a few candlestick holders, and I had some plain candles, but they just didn't seem... interesting enough. 

Check out how you can also do this DIY trendy accessory in a few minutes...

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How to get the Look: Half-Painted Walls

I've been pretty obsessed with half-painted walls recently (read more about it here) and after dreading the 'during' but really excited to see the 'after', we jumped into it and thought oh well, if it doesn't work it's just paint after all! 

I was really impressed at how easy it was to get it done though! It took some coordination and two of us to get the results we did, but I would do it again! 100%! I'm sharing it step-by-step here, so you can do the same if you share my crush for half-painted walls.

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