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A wish for cosy afternoons PLUS A GIVEAWAY

13 sleeps till Christmas! This is the most exciting time of the year but also one when we feel drained, longing for that well-deserved Christmas break when we can just chill in your PJs in the best Hygge style you can achieve at home. Whether it's a movie marathon or binge-watching that TV series you've long had on your must-watch list. Whatever your happy-doing-nothing is, it gets even better if you can do it in style.

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Fifth Wish: Love Birds PLUS A GIVEAWAY

Original gifts are the best, especially at being unforgettable and thoughtful. With Christmas fast approaching and the shops getting busier by the minute, I am trying to help you stay one step ahead and create a hassle-free and fun-filled shopping experience this year. Today's wish will guarantee that... I am also launching my first Christmas giveaway, keep reading for your chance to win! 

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Before & After: the Study plus a GIVEAWAY

This one has been a long time coming! We have previously turned makeovers around much faster (you can see the guest bedroom makeover here), but since I've been full-time with little one it's been more difficult to find the time to start & finish things all at one go. After some late nights, it is finally done! And it is one of my favourite makeovers to date. 

There is also a GIVEAWAY you can't miss if you are planning to redecorate any room in your home, so keep reading for your chance to win...

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