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How to attract Fortune and Good Luck in 2017

When the New Year arrives, it's always a good time to start something new and make right the things you were not happy about.

Not that you need to set a day in the calendar for it as any day is a good day to make a positive change, however it is good timing as far as closure and new beginnings are concerned!

I've picked some tips for you to make the most of this New Year's Eve celebrations, and have fun with it too! 

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How to have fun AND help out this Christmas!

Can you believe there is only one month left till Christmas?!

In the middle of so many to-do lists, one thing that we may always want to do but may slip through is helping out! I have chosen three ways to help and have fun in the process, bringing lots of festive cheer and smiles - check them out, and also pass them on to inspire more people to do the same!  

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The Mid-Year Resolution you need to smash 2016

I am sure you are also thinking 'where have the last six months gone?', and 'why does every year go by faster?' Is that what happens when you get older, or perhaps it's just because life is SO busy at the moment... Everyone else trying to juggle a thousands things at once, it's time to take a break to refocus and prioritise.

It's time to make sure the yearly goals are still on track to being smashed! 

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How to keep going when you're a mum working full-time and blogging!

I've been in this working full-time, being a mum and blogging journey for eight months now. And we also moved home three months ago, need I say it's been busy over here? Busy like I-don't-even-have-time-for-online-shopping busy or I-have-ten-friends-waiting-for-my-reply-on-what'sapp busy. 

The question is: how can you keep going when you're trying to juggle so many things at once?

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