How to get the Boho look

Scandi-Boho is a trend that is becoming more and more appreciated recently in the Interiors world. We are all way too familiar with the Scandinavian look. But really, what is Boho-chic, Bohemian, Eclectic? 

At the end of last year I wrote about upcoming trends for 2017 along with many other bloggers and experts which you can read here, and these are the predictions that really stood out...

serenity, balance, raw & rustic, bringing nature in

Boho brings most of that, and it can also be easily combined with the other currently loved trends: Scandinavian, Hygge and Slow Living.

Have you seen any of the below lately and fallen in love with it, or have you been a fan of them for a while? 

  • random, unconventional and mismatching furniture or accessories

  • assorted patterns

  • texture, texture, texture!

  • natural materials 

  • plants

Now pick your favourite elements from the list above, mix them with your favourite scandi elements and that's how we nicely get to Scandi-Boho. I love the scandinavian minimal white lines and monochrome look, but I also need a hint of colour and most of all lots of texture.

here's some of the most inspiring scandi-boho rooms: 

Image Credit

Image Credit

Stunning aren't they? The whole combination of black & white, soft colours, natural textures and greenery really gets me (heart eyes!!!), I have prepared a selection for you on how you can create these boho-gorgeous-looking rooms at home...

plenty of inspiration to get the look piece by piece:

Copper & Blush, plus natural textures and plants

Natural textures mixed with sleek finishes and patterns

Mbali Dipped White ladder

Mbali Dipped White ladder

Mismatching and unfinished furniture: the raw look is pure boho-chic 

Monochrome pattern and rich textures

Mixing and matching patterns of similar colours