How to attract Fortune and Good Luck in 2017

When the New Year arrives, it's always a good time to start something new and make right the things you were not happy about. Not that you need to set a day in the calendar for it as any day is a good day to make a positive change, however it is good timing as far as closure and new beginnings are concerned!

I was born and grew up in Brazil, where the preparation that goes into New Years Eve is huge, all to ensure that you start the New Year with the best of luck for a happy and prosperous year. 

Anyone who has ever spent New Years over there knows how unbelievable it is, especially if you are lucky enough to be in Rio. A sea of people dressed in white (head to toe!) all gathered at the beach counting down to midnight on the 31st, then when the new year begins, the fireworks start whilst most people run towards the sea to jump seven little waves for good fortune, and then the party continues...

I've been away for sixteen years now and most of those I've lived either nowhere near a beach or in a place where it happens to be winter in December (took many years to adjust I tell you!), but I've tried my best to recreate the energy in a much smaller scale, but still doing the things that symbolize a great new beginning.  

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I've put together some tips, easy stuff that you can do to feel like you're giving the new year your best shot! As you read through them, remember that positivity is the key to any fabulous day, month, year...


There is a lot that goes behind outfit colour choices for NYE - with each colour bringing a different meaning, everyone chooses carefully what they wish for the year to come. The most popular are:  

White- for peace  

Yellow- for creativity and wealth

Pink- for love and romance

Red- for passion and power

Green- for health  

If you want to join in the fun, the best way to do it is to wear NEW underwear in the colour of your wish to start the New Year!


There is a belief that turkey or chicken are not a good food choices for NYE as they move backwards, however pork is great as they sniff forwards and that's the direction you want your life to go in the new year. 

Also, lentils are considered 'food of fortune' and should be eaten on the first day of the year. I'll be trying a recipe tomorrow, follow me on Instagram to find out how that goes!

Fruits are also a must, with pomegranate being known to bring good luck and you must have heard of eating grapes at midnight (also popular in some European countries). Eating twelve grapes at midnight will bring good luck for the whole year - one grape for each month of the year!


One of the most popular beliefs is that at midnight you should kiss a person of the opposite sex to attract good energy and luck for the New Year!  


There's a few things you can do...  

One of them is at midnight walking up a step with your right foot - that means that you'll move upwards and leave any obstacles behind. 

You can also put money on your shoe to start the new year, as fortune attracts fortune. 

Some also say to not have an empty wallet - get some money in that wallet, to start the year as you mean to go on.  

These are some of the fun things you can do, wherever you are, to make the most of this time of the year. Just doing these things alone will obviously not make you rich or successful, however believing in something and staying positive will get you closer to it! 

With hard work and positivity you can move mountains.  

I'll leave you now with some great party inspiration for tomorrow, there is still time to impress your guests if you're hosting... Have a successful and very Happy New Year! 

Festive party inspiration at Living Etc & Calligaris Event

Festive party inspiration at Living Etc & Calligaris Event

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