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A wish for cosy afternoons PLUS A GIVEAWAY

13 sleeps till Christmas! This is the most exciting time of the year but also one when we feel drained, longing for that well-deserved Christmas break when we can just chill in your PJs in the best Hygge style you can achieve at home. Whether it's a movie marathon or binge-watching that TV series you've long had on your must-watch list. Whatever your happy-doing-nothing is, it gets even better if you can do it in style.

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Fifth Wish: Love Birds PLUS A GIVEAWAY

Original gifts are the best, especially at being unforgettable and thoughtful. With Christmas fast approaching and the shops getting busier by the minute, I am trying to help you stay one step ahead and create a hassle-free and fun-filled shopping experience this year. Today's wish will guarantee that... I am also launching my first Christmas giveaway, keep reading for your chance to win! 

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Third Wish: Small Business Day

It feels like December is flying... where have the first three days gone! 

This is a pretty special weekend bringing 'Small Business Saturday'. since joining Instagram and getting to know so many fabulous women working on their own businesses something clicked for me: shopping small is the way to go! You know that the products you are buying are made with love, and most often than not you get that cute 'thank you' note included that really means that you made a difference to someone! They have been so inspiring that I am now joining the club... as a small business owner. 

And my little business (yes, still early days!) is bringing you the Third Christmas Wish! There will even be a chance to win one of these later this month. Check it out... 

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First day of Wishes: Bar Carts

DECEMBER is here!!! I am super excited as there are lots of things happening this month, 3 exciting prize draws, a few events, lots of wishes and how-to's. The first prize draw starts on Monday so stay tuned!  

Today is the day we kick off the 12 Days of Wishes!  

And we are kicking off with a big wish for something that will help you entertain in style this season... take a look! 

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