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I wish for All Things Blush

How is your Christmas shopping going? I hope well, but if not, there is no need to panic just yet! There is just over a week left to shop online and just under two weeks to hit the shops. 

If you feel like you are out of ideas for someone special, here's something that might help! Think of their favourite colour... then look for things in that colour palette! Colours bring the best out in people (ok, so does chocolate!), and anyone's favourite colour is certain to lighten up their mood. Check out the blush gift selection I've put together for you! 

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Third Wish: Small Business Day

It feels like December is flying... where have the first three days gone! 

This is a pretty special weekend bringing 'Small Business Saturday'. since joining Instagram and getting to know so many fabulous women working on their own businesses something clicked for me: shopping small is the way to go! You know that the products you are buying are made with love, and most often than not you get that cute 'thank you' note included that really means that you made a difference to someone! They have been so inspiring that I am now joining the club... as a small business owner. 

And my little business (yes, still early days!) is bringing you the Third Christmas Wish! There will even be a chance to win one of these later this month. Check it out... 

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